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Alex Katz

Renowned American Painter honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy Museum

Shirley Mallmann

She is considered the first Brazilian top model

Serginho Mattos

Brazil's fashion 'dictionary' and director of 40Graus Models

Blanche Vaughan

Food writer and chef. She has puoblished several cookbooks being her most recent one 'Egg" 

Franco Lacosta

International high fashion model turned photographer and menswear designer

Guru Meher

Director of Teacher Training at Yoga West, Yogi Bhajan's original studio in Los Angeles


Chapman Case

Stylist Agent

Carol White

Former manager of Naomi Campbel, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer

Leigh Taylor-Young

Golden Globe actress nominee with 'Picket Fences' and "I Love You Alice B Toklas'

Bebel Gilberto

Bossa nova singer

Gabriel Ruas

Model manager and writer for fashion publications tv and film.

Dr Ben Talei

Facial Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills

Lara Gerin

Former Top Model, Stylist & DJ

Jay David Konstan

Philosopher of Classics NYU and Philosopher, PhD

Kia Cofer

Beautiful teenager talking about social beauty standards

Frank Andrews

Spiritual advisor. Some of the people he advised were: Princess Grace, Perry Ellis and John Lennon

Maria Hansen

Woman with blindness

Robert Hopkins

Professor of Philosophy at NYU, PhD

Harriet Davis-Kram

Professor of American history, specializing in American Women's History

John Morton

Spiritual Director at MSIA (Movement of Inner Spiritual Awareness)

Mateusz Maga

Androgynous fashion model and finalist at Poland's Next Top Model.

Alfredo Ovalles

Professional Classical Pianist

Will Holloway

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist & Psychotherapist


Luminescent Thaiwanese girl talking about beauty

Yuri Tschinkel

Professor of Mathematics at NYU, PhD

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