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My Beauty Story

Hey, I'm Khisa and I'm 18 years old. This is my beauty story.

I just discovered what beauty means to me lately. Well before I thought beauty is just symmetrical and reasonable things, whether on body or environment things. Well then I found myself is not beautiful if I still think the same then I'll hate myself, or then I'll seek attention just to find someone say that im beautifull. Silly i know. But then i met someone, a male with average height and i can say he isn't that good looking guy. But until i get to know him better and better, i suddenly realised that he isnt just an ordinary guy. He is different. He is "beautiful", he has a good heart, mind, attitude, plus jokes. This guy is interesting.

Then i realised that beauty is not just what you can see from the outside. It's like the ocean, we hardly see extremely beautiful corals down there if we don't go into it. The deeper you get, the more you know.

Moral value of this story is that everybody got their own beauty. Even if not everybody can see it, at least you can see yours. If you find it hard, maybe you need to learn from somebody else's first, like me. You can learn whats good from someone else to make yourself better, you know everybody needs kind of inspirations.

And surround yourself with positive, i think it's the most important thing.

That's what i learn so far, 18 years to love myself, and older even more. I hope this will help and thank you.

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