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I've Struggled with the Inner Thought that I Never was Good Enough

Alright, this story might sound crazy but I'll share it anyways.

I've been suffering from acne my whole life. Recently, I've been on a spiritual journey and started to grasp the concept of energy. The idea that you build your reality according to how you feel inside. That your thoughts shape your world.

I've struggled with the inner thought that I never was good enough. That I did not deserve happiness or success.

Recently, I found a book called "Heal your body" by Louise Hay. It's a dictionary of physical symptoms, with their mental explanation and a mantra to repeat until we feel better. There was a section about acne that said: "not accepting the self, dislike of the self" and the mantra was

" I am a divine expression of life, I love and accept where I m right now" and it really spoke to me.

I strongly believe that there is a direct correlation between the body and mind. Therefore if your body tries to "hide" your beauty with things such as acne, it could be that you were trying to prevent yourself from seeing and accepting your own beauty all along.

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